Wednesday, November 22, 2017

New blog site

I won't be posting on this site anymore. Click here to visit my shiny new blog powered by the fancy

Peace out!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to check if a 4sq badge is active

Very useful...

To check if a foursquare badge is active, go to Twitter, then search for the badge's official name. Or to be more specific add the keywords "unlocked" "badge". Check the result(s)' time, if relatively recent, then the badge is active. If last result is 3 months or older, then most probably its retired (moreover, if no result).

ex: search for "unlocked RadioShack Holiday Hero badge"

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

set language of Blogger login page

My frustrating days of looking at a different language than I wanted when logging into Blogger is over. Here is the link to set it:

How I did it. (My guide to unlock foursquare badges)

List of badges, and how I unlocked them.
post history:
06/04/2011 started

Badges are sorted according to time unlocked, starting with newest.

PEOPLE VIP - follow People, check-in (3):
(got it after 4)

WSJ Banker - follow WSJ, check-in (3):
(check into 3 venues in the financial district of NY)

Warhol - check-in 10 times at venues categorized "Art Gallery". got it here

WSJ Urban Adventurer - follow, check-in (5):
(check into a venue in each of the 5 boroughs of NY)

PEOPLE Hot Spot - follow People, got it here

Groupie - visit, click this badges: Local (flag), Player Please! (heart), Pizzaiolo (pizza), Super Mayor (crown), JetSetter (airplane), Newbie (trophy)

Better Man - follow, got it here

PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive - follow, got it here

NYPL Centennial - follow, check-in (3) on different days, open hours (generally 12-5pm):
(or 4 times)

7-10 Split - check-in 3 times at venues categorized "Bowling Alley" on different days. did it here

JetSetter - check-in at 5 different airports. got mine here

Fixer Upper - check-in 3 times at venues categorized "Hardware Store".

Where to Eat 2011 - follow, got it here (need 5 check-ins at recommended venues)

Foodie - follow, check-in 5 times at venues tagged "zagat-rated". got it here

VH1 Fanatic - follow, got it after:
need 3 check-ins at recommended "Music Venue"

Sounds So Good - follow Ellen, got it here (need 3 "Music Venue")

Downward Facing Dog - check-in 3 times in venues categorized "Yoga Studio". i got it after 5 in 2days.

Barista - check-in at 5 different Starbucks.

Handmade Hero - check-in 3 times in venues categorized "Arts & Crafts Store".

Bookworm - check-in 3 times in venues categorized "Library / Bookstore". got it here

Jersey Shore GTL - follow, got it here (need a gym, tanning salon or beach, and a laundromat, within 7days)

Top Chef - follow Bravo, check-in (2):

Whitneyphile - follow, check-in on different days (total 3): (twice)
before May 30.

Met Lover - follow, check-in here, i did twice in different days.

Zoetrope - check-in 10 times at venues categorized "Movie Theater". got it here

excELLENt fan - follow, got it here (once at bakery, vegetarian, dog run, movie theater, or park)

Black History - follow, check-in (2):

RuPaul's Drag Race - follow, got it here (check in 3 times at venues categorized "gay bar, salon, boutique, karaoke, beauty/cosmetics" (once per day) or check-in once at any of the venues in the “venue list”)

Mario Batali - follow, got it here, need 3-5 I think and check-in during open hours.

BK Art Star - follow i checked in 3 times on different days

Swimmies - check-in 5 times at venues categorized "Lake / Pond / Beach". got it here

Elite Shopper - follow, got it here, need 5 I think.

Super Swarm - got this with previous check-in (36402)

U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team - checked in on game day/time, Tue Mar 29, 2011 at 7:40 PM, here

Fast Company’s Big Idea - follow, got it here

Lookin' for Love - follow Bravo, got it here

Brooklyn 4 Life - check-in 25 times in Brooklyn. got it here

Dog's Best Friend - check-in 10 times at venues categorized "Dog Run".

Babysitter - check-in 10 times at venues categorized "Playground".

Andy Cohen - follow Bravo, got it at the last check-in (29186) of previous badge

Bon Appetit - Navigator - follow, check-in (2):

Club L - follow, check-in (3): - follow, check-in (2):

Historian - follow, check-in to 3 recommended venues. got it here

Gym Rat - check-in 10 times at venues categorized "Gym"

Just Desserts - got it here, the other check-in was the one above. follow Bravo, check-in 2 times at venues categorized "Desserts / Bakery / Cupcake / Ice Cream".

Far Far Away - check-in 3 times above 59th St. got it here

Don't Stop Believin' - check-in 3 times at venues categorized "Karaoke Bar".

Ziggy's Wagon - check-in 3 times at venues categorized "Food Truck".

Gossip Girl - check-in 3 times at venues tagged "gossip girl" (i needed 4 maybe).

Jobs - check-in 3 times at an Apple Store (or 3 times in total at 1-3 stores).

Today Show Newbie - follow, check-in

I'm on a boat! - check-in here

Real Housewife - got this and the previous 3 in one check-in ?? (follow, check-in to 2 times at venues categorized “Nightclub / Discotheque”)

Fashionista - follow, check-in to a venue tagged "bravo", categorized "Apparel".

American Red Cross - shout-out "Donation Red Cross"

Bravo Newbie - follow, check-in to a venue tagged "bravo". (New York, NY)

16 Candles - 4 shout-outs "Happy Birthday x", finally 1 check-in with shout out "Happy Birthday x", where x is anything.

Animal House - check-in to 5 venues tagged "frat boys" (or 5 times in total at 1-4 venues ??).

Photogenic - check-in to 3 venues tagged "photobooth" (or 3 times in total at 1-2 venues ??). (Manila, Philippines) (Manila, Philippines) (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Super Mayor - mayor 10 venues at once.

Bender - check-in 4nights in a row.

Local - check-in 3x in one place in a week.

Crunked - check-in 4+ times in a night. (after 6pm??)

Superstar - 50 check-ins.

Super User - 30 check-ins in a month.

Overshare - check-in 10+ times in 12hours.

Swarm - check-in when 50+ other 4sq users are checked in here

Explorer - 25 check-ins.

Adventurer - 10 check-ins.

School Night - check-in 4:20am on Thu. (check-in after 3am Sun-Thu).

Newbie - 1st 4sq check-in, of course at my own place.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inside Job (2010)

A must see, the documentary film Inside Job.

The US financial system is a timebomb waiting to explode, the next time it does, it will be more severe than the last one.

A blog by Prof. Mishkin about his participation in the movie.
A blog by the director in response. Well, he blogs here.

Interesting website on the movie.

Don't really understand this but might be related to the topic, something to do with Alan Greenspan. Got it while looking at the other blogs above.

I think Hollywood realized it just had to acknowledge the film since it won "Best Documentary" in Oscar 2011. The acceptance speech was so cool.

I'll try to understand this and another one. This site seems really interesting.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

other blog and my research website

danny on Computer Security

My computer security blog, haven't been writing much. Will work on it more in the near future.


My research website. Also needs to be updated.

How to get the link of a tweet

Click on the time of the tweet,

you'll be directed to a page with that single tweet. Simply get the link from the address bar.

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